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Brand & Marketing

Brand & Marketing

NAH has significant experienced in driving brand awareness and generating quality consumer leads in the UK personal injury market. According to research, in the UK personal injury market, National Accident Helpline is the most trusted brand, the most searched for brand and has the top click through rate to its website. NAH has invested more than £200 million in marketing over the past 20 years.

NAH has considerable experience and knowledge of the advertising market and specifically how to market strategically, attracting the types of enquiries that our Panel Law Firms find valuable. We take an integrated multi-channel approach to marketing, with the NAH brand being marketed across TV, online and social media.

Since 2010, our consumer advertising strategy has focused on the Underdog character which has differentiated us from our competitors and effectively increased conversion from our TV advertising to inbound online or telephone contact. The Underdog character has been particularly successful in building awareness of the brand with consumers. According to Adwatch research in 2014, approximately 40% of people surveyed remembered NAH’s TV adverts. This is a significant achievement for a direct response advertiser.

Independent tracking shows that NAH is a market leader in terms of attracting online impressions (number of appearances in Google searches). According to research on our sector, we have the highest average position in terms of search results and click-through rates. We believe that this market leading position is primarily due to the strength of the brand combined with the management team’s marketing expertise and search engine bidding strategy.