Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

Website cookies are necessary for websites to function on the internet. Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored by your browser to help provide a better user experience and personalise your journey around a website.

Some cookies are essential for a website to function and can't be turned off. They support actions, such as filling in a form, using tools or calculators, or updating privacy settings. Essential Cookies do not contain personal or identifiable information.

Other cookies are also used to provide general (not personalised) web site usage statistics to third party applications like Google Analytics. This helps a business understand things like, which pages support the viewer and which pages on the site need improvement. As a rule, cookies will make your browsing experience better.

How can I manage Cookies?

Cookies should be enabled by default on your browser, so if you have not changed your settings you should expect to be accepting some cookies from websites.

However, you may prefer to disable cookies on this website and on others. You can manage the use of cookies on our site specifically by managing your cookie permissions above. If you are worried about cookies across the internet the most effective way to manage this is to disable cookies in your browser.

Every browser handles disabling cookies slightly differently, here are links to the help pages for the key browsers to disable and manage your cookies.

By disabling cookies in your browser websites may not function as intended.

How we use Cookies

Our website uses cookies to support your experience. There are three types of uses for the cookies on our website. All the cookies we use don't allow us to identify you specifically and no personal data is gathered about you.

1. Essential cookies

Essential cookies are necessary for our website to function properly, so we can't turn them off. They support actions, such as filling in a form, using our calculators, or updating privacy settings. Our essential Cookies do not contain personal or identifiable information.

2. Performance cookies

These cookies allow us to see anonymized visits to our website to support us in improving its performance. They help us to see which pages are popular, and which pages aren't. This helps us to improve the pages and content and make sure we are supporting our viewers requirements. All information these cookies collect is completely anonymous and unidentifiable.

When you first visit our website, you will be asked to manage your cookie permissions. You can also manage your cookie settings above by toggling on and off which cookies you are happy for this website to use.

What specific cookies do we use?

Essential Cookies

Cookies Usage Information
Session General-purpose identifier used by the web server to maintain user session variables between page loads.
Cookie Policy This cookie records your consent to the cookie policy.

Performance Cookies

Cookies Usage Information
Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to provide data about how users interact with our websites to improve their experience. Google Analytics cookies record visitors, city locations, browser type and site journey. All data in Google Analytics is aggregated and anonymised.
YouTube YouTube may set a number of cookies if you watch videos on our website. This is to improve your viewing experience and can include anonymised location and demographic tracking.

Further information on cookies

For more information on cookies, their use and managing them you may want to visit This link is provided for convenience only and we do not have any control over its content. We therefore make no warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any of the information appearing on that site or as to the suitability or quality of any of their products or services.