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Your Shareholder Experience

For our shareholders: an inclusive and proactive experience

We value our shareholders. We are a service-led business and that’s why we are constantly seeking ways of improving our understanding of your needs so that we can enhance your experience with us. It’s a simple ethos that applies to our customers as well: we always try to walk in your shoes.

We want you to feel part of our business journey and our vision to become the leading provider in the UK’s consumer legal services markets. We proactively run shareholder roadshows twice a year in March and September for institutional and private investors respectively that match the announcement timetables for our Q1 and Q3 results. Framing our results with you face-to-face - in a timely fashion – is part of a healthily reciprocal relationship between us. 

All members of the Board attend our AGM. Like you, we view it as a critical forum for our shareholders to question and challenge our vision while gaining deeper insight into the strategies behind the development of the business. As members of the Board, we welcome the interaction and welcome opportunities to share our vision.

While we have never experienced a significant negative reaction to any resolution, it is our firm commitment that we would diligently review decision-making in the light of such investor feedback. Of course, such a review may not result in a change of decision. However, you can be confident that in such circumstances we would always share our rationale with you for the strategic decisions we take.