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NAHL Group plc is a leading UK consumer marketing business focused on the UK personal injury market and the parent company of National Accident Helpline Ltd (NAH). We advertise through our core consumer brand – National Accident Helpline. Established in 1993, the Group’s business has grown to an industry-leading position as an outsourced marketing services provider. The NAH brand, marketing scale and in-depth expertise along with our Panel Law Firm relationships place the business in an enviable market position.

NAH’s core business model is based on generating direct response contacts from consumers who have had a non-fault accident, establishing whether we think they may have a claim and connecting them to a specialist solicitor. Research suggests that claimants in the UK personal injury litigation market are often not comfortable contacting solicitors directly. We act as an informative but sympathetic intermediary between the consumer and the law firm. Our trained Legal Service Advisors can tell the consumer within minutes if they think they have a claim.

Through the strength and trust generated by the NAH brand and our Underdog character, created in 2010, we attract over 225,000 consumer contacts per annum either via website visits, inbound telephone contact or web-chat. NAH’s strategy is to continue to focus on higher value cases such as medical negligence and non-road traffic accident cases.

Using specific criteria, the contacts are filtered down by the NAH’s Legal Service Advisors and passed on to our approved Panel Law Firms based on geographic location or specialism of the case (these are Enquiries). Once an Enquiry has been transferred to a selected Panel Law Firm, the Panel Law Firm carries out a further risk assessment to decide whether to proceed with the claim or take no further action. The Panel Law Firm contracts directly with the claimant.

As well as Enquiry origination, NAH provides its Panel Law Firms with products that serve part of the legal process. The two main products are a new ATE (After The Event) insurance product (launched in April 2013 post LASPO) and medical assessments.

NAH is paid by our Panel Law Firms (the Panel Law Firm carries the risk on profitability and cash on the Enquiry), and by providers of ancillary products, including ATE and medical assessments, in consideration for the provision of such products and services. We are not paid by the claimant.

NAHL has three key competitive advantages:

i)             brand recognition and trust

ii)            marketing expertise

iii)           solicitor panel relationships

These competitive advantages have been developed over 20 years. The NAH brand has been built through more than £200 million of marketing investment since 1993 and, according to market research, ranks as the most recognised, most searched for and most trusted personal injury brand in the UK market. 

The incoming consumer contacts are generated as a result of NAH’s advertising and online activity. NAH does not cold call or cold text. We campaigned against nuisance marketing during the passage of the LASPO Bill through Parliament. A number of amendments were tabled which reflected our representations in our submissions to Parliament on 1 February 2012. We are regulated by the CMRU and were audited on 10 April 2017.

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Posted in News on Aug 18, 2014.