NAHL Group plc’s wholly owned law firm opens its doors

In line with its strategy to transform its Personal Injury business to ensure it can best serve customers’ needs while responding to industry-wide reforms, NAHL Group plc is delighted that its wholly owned law firm, National Accident Law (NAL), opened its doors on Tuesday 9 April.

Technologically enabled, customer focused

The Group’s ambition is to be the number one PI firm in the UK is greatly strengthened by this move, which is the result of over 12 months of planning and development.
National Accident Law is technologically enabled and customer focused with customers, receiving a link to their own online account, giving them a real time view of the status of their case and alert them to any actions that they need to take. This can happen within minutes of their first consultation with the business. Customers are able to upload photographs of their incident and injuries, further speeding up the process of their claim.

Complementing the Panel Law Firms

National Accident Law will join the existing roster of Panel Law Firm solicitors that National Accident Helpline uses to process the claims of its customers. Russell Atkinson, CEO of NAHL Group plc said;

“The launch of National Accident Law complements the Panel Law Firm model that continues to be an important part of the Group’s strategy, while allowing the company to take ownership for the consumer journey. By creating its own markets for enquiries, the Group can take an economic interest in the success of the claim, participate in the whole PI market and meet our ambitions for growth.”

Ambitious plans for growth

The new firm draws on National Accident Helpline’s (NAH) vast experience and knowledge of the legal system to ensure the best customer experience possible. NAL currently employs 30 people in its new offices in Kettering, including a number of apprentices who are being trained in a variety of aspects of NAL’s work. The NAL team comprises of employees new to the business as well as others coming across from NAH, bringing with them many years of experience in the PI field.

National Accident Law has great ambitions for growth and intends to grow its employee numbers on this basis – its new offices, a short walk from NAH, reflects this fact with plenty of room for this growth.

NAL Group Photo

Posted on Apr 10, 2019.