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We are proud of our people. The talent and experience they bring to our business is critical to our success. By attracting, recruiting and developing talent from the widest possible talent pool we gain an insight into different markets and can be more creative in anticipating customer needs. We strive to make NAHL Group a great place to work and to create a productive environment, representative of (and responsive to) different cultures and groups.

Our recruitment process proactively embraces and supports equal opportunity practices and our aim is to ensure that:

  • All employees and potential employees are treated fairly and with respect at all stages of their employment.
  • All employees have an equal chance to contribute and to achieve their potential
  • All employees have the right to be free from harassment and bullying of any description, or any other form of unwanted behaviour, whether based on gender, sexuality, transgender status, marital status, civil partnership status, pregnancy, race, disability, age, political or religious belief.

This is reinforced in our Code of Conduct which all employees have signed, showing their commitment to maintaining a fair working environment based on respect and integrity.

We offer competitive salaries and enhanced benefits which have been benchmarked against the market, flexible working options to support a healthy work-life balance and access to an employee discounts and cash-back scheme. Our people are rewarded for their commitment to the company and their length of service with bonus schemes and personalised recognition. We believe it is vital to invest significant time and effort in our people’s development and to create a progressive and supportive work culture.

Investing in our people At the beginning of 2015 we received our Investors in People accreditation. This is a rigorous, objective assessment of how we lead, manage, develop and communicate with our people and measures it against best practice standards.

The Group is focused on continuous improvement and has embarked on a development plan dedicated to maintaining this standard and ensuring that as an employer we can continue to attract, retain and develop the best talent..



Highlights from our last employee survey:

Employee Survey Highlights